Rebecca Ryan     - Founder & Business Coach, Advanced Leadership

Rebecca Ryan - Founder & Business Coach, Advanced Leadership

'Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all that I can? - Sun Tsu

Rebecca Ryan is a dynamic business owner and renowned expert in leadership. Her career began at the Australian Defence Force Academy and she has continued to specialise in working with ambitious, high-performing individuals. Rebecca’s 20 years of experience in leadership roles includes managing senior business leaders, collaborating with executive teams, project and operations administration, digital advertising, consulting and marketing strategy, client solutions, training and professional business coaching. She has a proven track record in the fast-paced field of digital and technology start-ups.

Based in Sydney, Rebecca’s passion is working with business owners, company executives and their work teams to achieve immediate and long-term goals. She knows that the reality in today’s market is that businesses have to do more with less. Rebecca will work closely with you to develop a strategy for remaining competitive and moving forward in these times of rapid change. As a Business Coach, she is one of the few in Australia certified to offer the exclusive professional development programs which are repeatedly proven to result in dramatic improvements in motivation, productivity, efficiency and performance.

Rebecca is always looking for a new challenge and she is committed to seeing her clients reach their goals. She has a direct approach and is highly-regarded by her colleagues and clients. If you want to make real and sustainable positive changes, please contact Rebecca for a confidential and obligation-free discussion on how you can achieve your full potential.