'Can you imagine what I would do, if I could do all I can?' - Sun Tzu

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Coaching, Leadership Training, Revenue Growth, Goal Setting, Workshops, Behavioral Assessments, Sales Training, Strategic Planning, Time Management, Team Building  


What is DISC?

Have you ever left a meeting and thought that was a waste of time? Imagine a meeting where everyone knows your strengths and weaknesses and you know theirs. 

DISC is a leading Personal Assessment Tool used by Millions of people around the world to improve their own and their team’s performance and effectiveness.

Backed by 30 years of research, DISC is the most widely used behavioural assessment tool.  Unique and customised reports give you the tools to understand different communication styles, improve teamwork, reduce staff turnover and increase overall productivity.

Why do we Act the way that we do?

DISC can be combined with the Personal Motivators & Engagement report to determine what drives you and your team to achieve their goals.  Ensure that you have the right people in the right roles for company success.


Reports Available:

  • Success Insights - Disc Reports

  • Success Insights - Workplace Motivators

  • Success Insights - Sales Skills Index

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                                     Example Behaviours Graph

                                     Example Behaviours Graph







Your Dreams and Goals are important, but you must take action now to achieve them!  Imagine having a path laid out for you that walks you along the milestones towards success? 

That’s where a Certified Coach comes in;  1 on 1 Coaching focused on your personal achievement in both your business and family life.  Make a bold commitment to yourself by beginning on a mission to vastly improve most every aspect of your life.

Follow a structured program designed to provide you the guidance you need to reach your full potential.

Flexible phone or face to face sessions available.

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Leaders are innovative, entrepreneurial, and future oriented.
They focus on getting the job done.

Leadership Training empowers leaders to increase their performance, get the best out of their teams and be better decision makers.    Insights include proven methods to motivate and manage staff, how to get more done with less and how to be effective in times of rapid change.


We offer flexible programs to cover a wide range of needs.



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Avoid an expensive gathering that is dominated by singular opinions and personalities and drives no real change.

You need a facilitator that can really achieve great result for you at your meeting or workshop.

Hire an expert facilitator to allow you to participate and ensure the goal of your meeting is achieved.  A facilitator will guide the group through an effective and inclusive meeting, keeping the session on schedule and regulating the flow of discussion.  They are an objective party on the topics discussed which avoids manipulation of the meeting to an unbalanced outcome.

We have a team of facilitators with deep skills in Strategic Planning, Organisational Development and Project Management. 

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  • Leadership Team Off Sites

  • Board Meetings

  • Project Management Meetings

  • Strategic Planning Sessions

  • Team Building Meetings

  • Group Workshops

  • Change Management Sessions

  • Organisational Design/Redesign


The Sale is more Complex today than ever before. 

In a world that is brought close together by technology and choice, a Salesperson needs to do more than make a phone call to secure a sale.

To move ahead and stay in front of tough competition you must invest in yourself.  Discover what makes some Salespeople more successful than others.   Participants learn that attitude and mindset are key to success; no excuses and no roadblocks.

We offer Brain Tracy’s world renown programs.  These can also be customised to suit your or your company’s needs.


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Gain Clarity on what you want and the tools on how you are going to get it.

We have a range of Performance Programs, all focused on guiding you to reach your full potential.

Eat that frog

Double your Productivity, Performance and Output

The Program covers the following modules;

  • Decide exactly what you want

  • Set priorities in each area of your life

  • Determine your most important goals

  • Unlock your mental powers

  • Downsize, delegate or eliminate non-essential work

  • Focus on your most valuable tasks

  • Double your productivity and double your free time

  • Eliminate low-value, no-value activities


Perform at your Best


The Keys to Peak Performance and Personal Leadership
Learn how to set goals, take responsibility, manage change, communicate effectively, solve problems, meet challenges, manage time and take full control of your work and personal life. By practising the principles of Maximum Achievement, your entire life will be transformed. You will be able to accomplish more than most people accomplish in a lifetime.


Manage your Time

No skill is more closely correlated to success in life as the ability to manage your time well

The Program covers the following modules;

  • The Psychology of Time Management

  • Strategic Goal Setting

  • Planning and Organising

  • Effective Project Management

  • Eliminating Time Wasters

  • Overcoming Procrastination

  • Delegating and Communicating

  • Balancing Work and Family


Operate effectively by forming functional relationships with your colleagues and clients. 
Improve Teamwork, Reduce overall Turn Over and before more successful in Sales Presentations

Combining our DISC Behavioural Assessments for individuals with group education will ensure that you have a high performing team that can understand and bring out the best in all personalities.


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Don’t allow the wrong Consultant to waste your precious time and money.

Let’s call it out, so often companies hire a consultant to only find that everyone’s time is wasted discovering problems that you were already aware of and your team has little to no faith in the process.

Hiring the right Business Consultant doesn’t need to be a tedious process.

We will work with you to assess your needs and clearly define a project of work that will enable you and your consultant to be successful.  We offer an experienced, flexible and professional approach that will fit into your working environment.

Advanced Leadership specialises in fast paced, digital/tech businesses with needs in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Operations, Project Management and Change Management.

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Successful & Effective Leadership

New to leading a team?  Need a refresher on getting the most out of your team.  Join us for an interactive and highly practical session that will provide you with immediately implementable solutions.

Location: Parramatta, NSW Australia (Address will be provided on registration)

Dates: Saturday Feb 26th 9:30am to 12:30pm

Cost: $99

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